About OAMA

Board Officers 2022

Executive Director – Kim Stearns – oama@oregonairports.org

President – Jerry Brienza – Rogue Valley International – Medford Airport – Medford, OR – brienzjb@jacksoncounty.org

Vice President – Lance Vanderbeck – Newport Airport – Newport, OR – l.vanderbeck@newportoregon.gov

Second Vice President – Andrew Martz – Eugene Airport, Eugene, OR amartz@eugene-or.gov

Treasurer – Anthony Beach – Corvallis Municipal Airport – Corvallis –anthony.beach@corvallisoregon.gov

Secretary – Leif Anderson – Redmond Airport – Redmond, OR – leif.anderson@flyrdm.com

Directors 2022

Air Carrier Director – Stephen Nagy – Portland-Hillsboro Airport – Hillsboro – stephen.nagy@portofportland.com
GA Director – Kelly Coffelt – Prineville Airports, Prineville –  kcoffelt@cityofprineville.com
Associate Director – Corley McFarland – Precision Approach Engineering – cmcfarland@preappinc.com

Honorary Director – Betty Stansbury – Oregon Department of Aviation – betty.stansbury@aviation.state.or.us

Honorary Member – Bern Case – Rogue Valley International – Medford Airport – Retired Director airportbern1@gmail.com

The Objectives of OAMA Include:

  • Study and take action on all matters involving the welfare of the citizens of the State of Oregon which are of concern to, or the responsibility of, airport management and/or those in the field of aviation.
  • Place the public safety and welfare above all other interests and to apply the special knowledge and skill of airports/aviation to the benefit of all persons.
  • Promote the recognition and importance of airport management’s responsibility and the value and benefits of adequate aviation facilities. Help municipalities to evaluate, establish, monitor, and improve their aviation efforts.
  • Encourage the employment of highly qualified, equitably compensated airport/aviation personnel.
  • Develop, recommend, and promote uniform regulations and legislation pertaining to airport/aviation facilities.
  • Review and research all proposed aviation legislation, to propose amendments when deemed appropriate, and to make each OAMA member aware of the implications of such legislation.
  • Operate in harmony with and promote the purposes and objectives of other aviation oriented activities and professionals.
  • Advance the professional skills of those involved in the administration and development of the aviation field